“Susan is the “go-to” MI resource in Los Angeles and we’re all better for it. I needed local MI training to incorporate into a gang intervention program and was pleased to find that Susan offered this training. While attending the introductory class, I was thrilled with the depth of her knowledge and experience. She delivered the information with a warm and gentle spirit – something Susan would call the “MI spirit”. I was so pleased with the training, I was inspired to attend the intermediate and advanced workshops, all equally excellent. I was able to immediately incorporate the MI training into my psychotherapy practice, not just my work in gang intervention. This has been a powerful and effective tool that has provided value beyond expectations.”

Bryan Nichols, Ph.D.

“Susan’s MI workshops were one of the best post-medical school courses I have taken.  She is an expert at helping the audience truly feel the spirit of MI.   When taking a course that requires new language skills, practitioners often feel discouraged, but Susan has the capability of putting the audience at ease, making us feel comfortable with trying something new for the sake of improvement and learning, and providing exercises that facilitate comprehension. The interactive sessions were intertwined with videos making the full days go by quickly. Susan is a true professional to work with and Memorial Care is fortunate to have had this opportunity to develop this communication skillset that will help us in motivating our patients take charge of their own health. Motivational interviewing training should be a requirement for anyone involved in patient care.”

Mimi Trinh, MD
Associate Medical Director
Department of Family Medicine
MemorialCare Medical Group

“The Motivational Interviewing (MI) Introductory Workshop was one of the best training courses I have ever taken. Susan’s knowledge, expertise, and ability to create enthusiasm for MI was inspiring. Susan has the ability to connect with people and facilitate the education process. As a nurse, I am excited to be able to use MI with my patients. I believe the value of this training will enable me to improve my communication skills and make a positive difference with my patients. I truly feel that all nurses would benefit from MI training. I look forward to attending future workshops with Susan.”

Stacey Barnett, RN, BSN
Team Lead Pre-Operative Medical Exam Clinic / ASU/Mayo Nursing Program Adjunct Faculty

“In Susan’s training, I learned the absolute best way to not only communicate but to humbly “be of service” is to think of listening as a privilege. I also learned our patients have the answers inside themselves, which was a great lesson to carry with me in addition to having and a very profound effect upon my work. Susan modeled and reinforced the core of MI and how empathy and compassion is truly elevating to the human spirit. She was very knowledgeable and thorough in her training. She was kind, open and receptive to comments and any type of questions. The class left me feeling restored!”

Rachel Overby RN, BSN

Susan is exceptional in teaching and demonstrating MI. Her classes are invaluable to my dental practice. They have profoundly changed the way I relate to my patients and reinvigorated my practice in ways I never imagined.

Sonny Chokka, DDS
Rialto Dental Group

This stuff is SO IMPORTANT. I’ve been in counseling for over 20 years and it changed my practice. Back to the important lost art of listening.

Christine Loeb, LMFT, RD

“Motivational Interviewing has allowed our home visitors to focus on the clients’ strengths and be more family focused. With Susan’s expertise, our staff is able to respond to clients’ needs and concerns with reflection, empathy and strength. Susan is a wonderful trainer, with a wealth of wisdom to bring to the room. She is naturally able to model Motivational Interviewing during trainings, which serves as such an integral part of the learning and collaboration process. “

Sharlene Gozalians, DrPH, MPH, CHESLos Angeles Best Babies
NetworkSenior Public Health Research Associate

“Susan’s MI training opened my eyes to the way I had been interacting with my obese pediatric patients and parents in underserved communities of Los Angeles. I was jumping in and giving them nutrition and physical activity advice without first building a foundation. Susan’s gentle yet powerful techniques helped me to make a subtle shift in my communication style. Now, I listen more and talk less. I let go of my agenda and ask families permission to offer suggestions. Families are now more engaged and in the process of making lifestyle changes. I’ve found the children to be excited to come to their appointments to let me know about the healthy habits they’re developing. I highly recommend Susan’s MI training for anyone providing a service to others.”

Anne Traynor, RN, FNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Supervisor Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids/Families

“Motivational Interviewing is a powerful tool that benefits anyone in the helping field. It has helped me as a therapist to connect with clients in a way that empowers them and allows them to find the motivation to make changes in their lives. It’s amazing, when people are guided to identify the changes THEY want to make, how much more willing they are to embrace and follow through with them. I felt an immediate connection with Susan, and her passion for MI keeps drawing me back to learn more.”

Karen Gilmore, LCSW

“As a hospice chaplain, I entered into people’s lives at a vulnerable time. Motivational Interviewing helped me listen better for their hopes and fears. It helped me assist my patients connect with their inner strength, to clarify their values, and help them accept and plan for changes that would come.”  

Rev. Robin Clardy, D.Min.

Susan Dopart’s Motivational Interviewing course has helped me connect with my patients and draw the necessary information while being empathic and supportive. I feel that I am now more able to compassionately direct my patients to follow through with their goals and plans for self-improvement. My PT/Feldenkrais education links very well with Motivational Interviewing and Susan’s expert skills on relaying and engaging us in this learning process is remarkable.”

Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP,PMA®-CPT; CoDirector of Century City Physical Therapy

“Motivational Interviewing is a modality that has given me skills to help my clients and myself with resolving ambivalence around behavior change.  It is amazing to watch my clients tap into their own resources to improve their health outcomes and I no longer struggle with feelings of being responsible for their choices.  Susan is an excellent trainer and as a result I was able to immediately implement this training into my practice.”  

Carmina McGee, MS, RDN, LE

“Susan creates a space and curriculum that support all attendees in practicing how to BE with clients more effectively.  I left the day inspired by her clear and accessible teaching, and the incredible skill and daily contributions of the diverse group of professionals she’s attracted.  Such an uplifting experience.”

Heidi Neilson, MA, RYTFounder/Training DirectorFreedom in Motion Personal Training

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