Reflections: It’s Complex

Blue Consultation-1When you’re trying to learn Motivational Interviewing, where do you begin? We know we can’t learn Spanish or French in a day so what’ the best skill to focus on in learning the language of MI?

The skill of complex reflections: complex to learn but can make most impact.

The first step in moving away from your comfort zone is backing away from questions.

Well-formed complex reflections thicken and color what the client is saying by adding more texture than what they said but not more than they meant.

This serves your session is several ways. First it slows your client down and gives them more of a sense of their world which is in itself attention getting. Second, it buys you some time to explore and strategize about how to navigate.   And you will catch things in the net of reflections even if you unsure of where exactly conversation is going.

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Meeting People at Their Dreams: Changing the Dynamics of your Conversation

06fa1e44-f57d-476d-864b-8bfa98275447Last week I had the opportunity to attend and assist in a Motivational Interviewing workshop in Portland, Maine with Stephen Andrew, who is one of the “trainer of trainers” as he’s been training in MI for over 20 years.

It was a life-changing experience for me and I learned many wonderful things during those 3 days, which are worth sharing over time on this blog so here’s the beginning.

If we meet people where they are at, we stay and remain with them in the problem.

Focusing on the problem just reinforces it and focusing on the dream changes the whole dynamics of a conversation.

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Finding the Honey in your MI Practice!

So you’ve read the MI book, been to the training, and practiced reflections until you dream in complex reflections.

Now what?

It might be time to make a tape of your practice for coaching and feedback. Maybe someone has asked you to do it. Maybe you are ready to bump up your skills. Maybe someone is asking you to supervise others. Maybe you understand that it’s the best way to improve strategizing in the moment with MI skills because you begin to witness yourself without judgment and change what you are doing if it’s not working.

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Understanding the Power of Motivational Interviewing

IMG_9268As a soon to be registered dietitian (RD), I have completed school and my internship. I am currently preparing for the RD exam and getting ready to embark on my new career. But…as part of this new journey, I wanted to make sure I had all of the tools necessary to be the best RD I could in this ever-changing world.

This meant being able to have a language to help my patients achieve their desired health goals. Yet as the British poet Joseph Addison said it best, “There is nothing which we receive with so much reluctance as advice.”

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Motivational Interviewing For Registered Dietitians

As RD’s we are trained to give information – diets for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.  We have a plethora of knowledge that can help our patients but how do we know they are actually ready and willing to hear what we have to say?

How do we work with a patient so our knowledge and expertise do not fall on deaf ears?

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