Taking off the Stems

IMG_4755You’ve just bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and are heading home. What’s the first thing you do before putting them into a vase to enjoy? You take off the wrapping, pull out your scissors and cut off the stems so they have the best chance of survival for the week. Then you put the little flower preservation packet in the water before putting the vase on display.

Classically therapists were trained to use conversational stems such as: “it sounds like,” “I’m hearing,” and “I understand that.”

In MI we say “stems” dilute the meaning of a reflection and can actually be manipulative.

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What you Say MATTERS

IMG_2481Do you frequently come home tired?  Do you wish your conversations felt more serene?

Ever wonder how you can truly make a difference in your clients’ lives without having to try so hard?

I’m here to argue that Motivational Interviewing can save you energy, time and shift the conversation towards change.

What you say REALLY does matter!

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New Registered Dietitian Experiences Motivational Interviewing

IMG_2945Looking back on these past 6 weeks, there are so many new things I have learned from Susan and about myself. A highlight of my internship was finding out about motivational interviewing (MI) through the trainings I attended.

Motivational interviewing is a language to help resolve ambivalence with behavior change. What is remarkable about this language is that any profession can benefit from it. It is a language that gives you the tools to evoke change from within a client for what works for their individual lifestyle.

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Climbing the Wall of Change Talk

56e0c5a7-fbcf-4402-91a2-b839d1676dccThere’s no greater feeling as a practitioner when you hear your client arguing for change instead of you trying to convince them of change.

  • “I think I could quit smoking in the next 3 months”
  • “I really want to lose 10 pounds”
  • “Drinking is not the celebration I thought it once was”

So how do you generate those types of conversations and as we say in MI “shift away from the jaws of ambivalence?”

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Spicing up your Motivational Interviewing Skills

IMG_2113Motivational Interviewing is a language and skill that takes time to learn. As one of the founders of MI Bill Miller states:

“In some ways MI is simple, but mastering it is neither quick or easy.”

So how do you increase your skills besides just going to a workshop and reading MI materials?

Submit a client conversation tape for coding.  It’s the sweet way to build your collection of skills.

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